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Art Within Art- Woman enjoying Marilyns by Warhol

Marilyn Female
woman enjoying Marilyns by Warhol

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
30" x 14" or 76 x 35,5 cm

Marilyn Female is inspired by one of my recent daily paintings. I thought it would be just perfect for a larger painting, adding even more Marilyns on top so it looks like a never ending wall filled with images of her. I like the contrast between the flat graphic portraits by Warhol against the realism of my figure. It makes the woman more real in some way.

Yesterday I brought my paintings The Prophet (Geert Wilders with Muslims) and Reproduction to Sotheby's, Amsterdam for the 2nd round of the Royal Prize for Painters. The government just increased the speedlimit to 130kmph or 80mph on certain highways, so I got there pretty quick.

It was nice to see all the other entries of the 30-40 artists who made it through to this round. Today workers at Sotheby's do their best decorating the place, making sure everything is just top notch. Tomorrow the jurors will make their pick. They let you know by phone if you're amongst the artists invited to show at the palace of the Queen or not. Sure hope I make it through to the next round!

kind regards, Gerard