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Eldorado- Woman enjoying painting Toulouse Lautrec

woman enjoying painting Toulouse Lautrec
in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
25" x 14" or 63 x 35,5 cm

The Myth

There’s a myth floating around in our society. It’s a myth I thoroughly resent and find pretty annoying to say the least. It’s the myth of what it means to be an artist.

According to the myth an artist is this free spirited, bohemian character who breaks all the rules in society. A misunderstood genius on the break of insanity. The myth tells us that struggle, complexity and suffering are neccessary components of creativity. Without these an artist isn’t a true artist at all.

No, a true artist isn’t concerned with a comfortable lifestyle. They wear raggedy clothes, find inspiration in the middle of the night, stay young forever and become famous long after they’re dead and burried.

Financial success is equal to selling out and the ultimate poison for their work. Artists are supposed to be weird, moody, flamboyant, outgoing or even downright antisocial.

The Truth

The truth is I don’t like to struggle nor do I like to suffer or being hungry. I like the finer things in life and think most rules in society are necessary. I hate it when a new shirt has splashes of paint all over it. I like to comb my hair and just look great. I like to sleep at night and don’t mind growing older and wiser.

And yes, I’d rather enjoy the fruits of my labour right now then after I’m dead. I don’t mind making money. It means I was of service to another human being. As a result I can buy food and shelter, art materials or best of all gifts for friends and family I care about.

I enjoy talking to people and I like to be kind, gentle, cooperative and social. I like to think, to be clear headed, have an open mind and learn things. I like getting up early in the morning, work hard and commit myself to excellence and to finish what I start.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gathering knowledge and setting goals. I like to be a happy positive person, thoroughly enjoying myself and all life has to offer. If that means I’m not a true artist, so be it. But I do love to paint, it's my own personal Eldorado.

kind regards, Gerard