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Father & Son- Jacob enjoying his dads painting Rood Baaien Hemd

Father and Son
Son Jacob enjoying painting Rood Baaien Hemd by his dad Jopie Huisman

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
17.3" x 15.6" or 44 x 39,5 cm

A few years later I painted over Jacob in favor of a self portrait

It's been a while since my last update. I've been mad busy completing a couple of larger scaled paintings. I've got 5 lined up and ready to be posted, including my odd painting with 17 selfportraits. The first one however is this lovely scene in the Jopie Huisman Museum.

As you might know I'm currently showing with my great-uncle Jopie at Museum de Andere Kant, the place where the Jopie Huisman Museum first started out back in the 80s. At a quiet moment just minutes before the opening I asked his son Jacob, one of the guys organizing the show, if he would be ever so kind to pose for me. He willingly accepted and here it is: Jacob enjoying the painting Rood Baaien Hemd by his dad in the Jopie Huisman Museum. He loved it and I sure hope you do too!

In other news, like last year I've been invited to the 2nd round of the Royal Prize for Painters, a painting competition held each year by our Queen Beatrix. This monday I've got to bring 2 paintings to Sotheby's in Amsterdam where the jury gathers to judge this years entries.

Next wednesday I hear if I made it through this round. Last year I didn't, but I'm hoping things will be better this year around. It would be pretty cool if I did, because you get to show your work at the Queen's Palace in Amsterdam and you get to meet the Queen too. I'm thinking about bringing my portrait of Geert Wilders with Muslims, but I'm not sure which other work to bring yet. Any suggestions?

kind regards, Gerard