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Picasso Books- Still Life Painting Of Art Books

Picasso Books
still life painting of art books

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
14 1/5" x 25 1/5" or 64 x 36 cm

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Available through Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, USA

My first larger scaled still life painting of this year shows a bookshelf filled with books on art, most notably of course the book with Picasso's portrait on it. It's a variation of my art within art theme.

The painting invites you to fantasize about the content of the books, but to me personally I love the fact that different mediums are at play all at once. There's books of course, but also photography and portraiture. Then again none of them are real as they're all painted. As Picasso would have liked it I guess.

kind regards, Gerard

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