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Figures On The Beach- Painting Of Man Enjoying Painting By Nicolas Stael

Figures On The Beach
painting of man enjoying a painting by Nicolas Stael

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
8" x 7" or 20 x 17 cm


Nicolas Stael was a Russian born artist (1914-1955) whose work left a vivid imprint on subsequent European art, particularly in the field of non-geometric abstract painting.

For de Stael, figuration and abstraction were never mutually exclusive categories. His aim was neither to represent things directly, nor to bow to the total abstraction. Instead, de Staƫl's was interested in the suggestion of volume, space, and distinct forms in the barest possible terms, alluding to external stimuli without ever giving in to a wholly figurative process.

kind regards, Gerard

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