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Nighthawks- Woman Enjoying Painting By Edward Hopper

painting of a woman enjoying painting by Edward Hopper

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
59" x 47 1/4" or 150 x 120 cm

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One of the best-known images of twentieth-century art has to be Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. The painting depicts an all-night diner in which three customers are all lost in their own thoughts. They all seem as separate and remote from the viewer as they are from one another.

I love how Hopper has eliminated any reference to an entrance. The viewer is drawn to the light, but is shut out from the scene by a seamless wedge of glass.

Hopper denied that he purposefully infused this or any other of his paintings with symbols of human isolation and urban emptiness, but he acknowledged that in Nighthawks 'unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city.'

Whether he did or not this painting is an all time favorite of mine and just perfect for my ongoing series of people in museums.

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