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Still Life Painting Of Rubens Books

Rubens Books
still life painting of art books about Rubens

G. Boersma
acrylics on mdf
11.8" x 20.9" or 30 x 53 cm

It's been quiet on my blog for a while now, but believe me: I'm working like crazy. I just completed 2 larger paintings and I'm working on commissioned paintings as well. I can't show you these paintings just yet, because it will spoil the surprise for my collectors.

My daily paintings recently sold out and I won't be making new ones untill I can free up some time. This might take a while, but as soon as I get opportunity I jump right on it.

I already managed to find time to paint this lovely still life of art books about Peter Paul Rubens. The kid in the center is Nicholaas, Rubens' son. It's extremely difficult to paint a drawing, not to mention one by the master himself, but great fun too.

I really love painting those still life paintings of art books. It gives me a change to explore my art within art theme a little further and encourage people to pick up a book too. Sure hope you enjoy this painting as much as I did creating it!

kind regards, Gerard