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Commissioned Portrait: Jojanneke

portrait of Jojanneke pregnant

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
12.6" x 9.4" or 32 x 24 cm

This is a commissioned portrait I did of Jojanneke. As you can see she's expecting a baby and her parents asked me if I could capture this important moment in her life. Of course I would!

Jojanneke specifically indicated that she liked light colors, meaning I had to paint it a little different then I'm used to. Layer after layer went into this painting, I'm guessing at least 20 or so. That's how the colors turned out to be so bright, I like it! I also really like the way she's looking at us, so confident and proud!

I'm also still working on other commissioned paintings and I'm able to show you those very soon. So you can expect more updates soon!

kind regards, Gerard