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Oddment: Crows- Woman Viewing Wheatfield With Crows By Vincent Van Gogh

Woman Viewing Vincent Van Gogh's Wheatfield With Crows

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
± 2.3" x 2.8" or 6 x 7.3 cm
email me your best offer

I decided to call my extremely tiny paintings oddments again like I used to in the very beginning of my blogging days. These paintings are about 2.3" x 2.8" or 6 x 7.3 cm in size and usually done on left over pieces from larger sized panels.

Todays oddment shows a close up of a woman enjoying Vincent Van Gogh's Wheatfield With Crows. Rumor has it that this is the last piece painted by Van Gogh right before he went insane and committed suicide. This isn't true according to art historians, but I can clearly see why people like to think so.

Wheatfield With Crows really is an eery painting with the vibrant darkblue sky and the crows flying directly towards you. It might not be the final painting done by Van Gogh, but is sure is symbolic for the nearing end. It definitely is my favourite piece by him!

My larger sized painting I keep talking about is finally completed after more than 2 months of hard labour. I'm now thinking about how to present this work the best way I can.

If you're interested in purchasing Crows just send me an email with your best offer and the painting might be yours.

kind regards, Gerard