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Colt 45

Colt 45

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
8.7" x 9.9" or 22 x 25,2 cm

Something completely different from museum scenes, shoes or bookstores! Todays still life painting shows nothing else but a Colt 45. This painting appears in a yet to be released videoclip of popular Dutch band The Proov.

One of the bandmembers is nicknamed Colt 45, don't ask me why, I wouldn't know, but I do know they didn't want to use a real gun in the videoclip so they used my painting instead. Quite an honor!

While painting I couldn't help but notice how powerful this gun looks, even against an yellow background. Perhaps it's because I'm not used to guns, but man that thing is powerful!

kind regards, Gerard

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