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Last Supper- Painting Of Woman Enjoying Painting By Andy Warhol

Last Supper
painting of woman enjoying painting by Andy Warhol

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
8" x 8" or 20 x 20 cm


Andy Warhol's final series of paintings, The Last Supper, was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous masterpiece of the same title.

The seeming irreverence for the distinctions between the sacred and the profane, high art and commercial design reflects Warhol’s inevitable transformation of a deeply religious work into a cliché whose profound message has become muted through repetition.

Eerily prescient, The Last Supper was to be the last project of Warhol’s life. His sudden and unexpected death, just one month after the exhibition opened in Milan.

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