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Kiss Of Judas- Man Enjoying Painting Of Betrayal Of Christ By Giotto

Kiss Of Judas
painting of man enjoying painting by Giotto of Betrayal of Christ

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
8" x 8" or 20 x 20 cm


The man on my painting is enjoying Kiss Of Judas painted by Giotto in ±1304.

The kiss of Judas, also known as the Betrayal of Christ, is how Judas identified Jesus to the multitude with swords and clubs who had come to arrest him.

The kiss is given by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper and leads directly to the arrest of Jesus by the police force of the Sanhedrin. I tried to paint it as if my figure was there as well.

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kind regards, Gerard

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