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Ice Cream- Painting Of Woman Enjoying Painting By Wayne Thiebaud

Ice Cream
painting of a woman enjoying painting by Wayne Thiebaud

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
8" x 8" or 20 x 20 cm


Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects like pies, lipsticks, pastries and yes, ice cream cones.

Thiebaud is associated with the pop art movement because of his interest in objects of mass culture, but he does not count himself as such. In any case, I love the colorful style and luscious way of painting as I'm sure my figure does too.

If you're interested in purchasing this small study just send me an email to info@gerardboersma.nl or click on the link above.

kind regards, Gerard

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