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Op Art Two - Painting Of Woman Enjoying Painting By Victor Vasarely

Op Art Two
painting of a woman enjoying painting by Victor Vasarely

G. Boersma
acrylic on MDF
15 3/4" x 12" or 40 x 30 cm

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I want to make a large version of a woman enjoying some Op Art in a museum, but it seems I cannot decide how it should look just yet. So I'm making different studies to see which one I like best. I'm loving the smooth curves in this one, but I'm not sure about the model.

The painting the woman is enjoying is by Victor Vasarely. He was a French-Hungarian artist credited as the father of the Op Art movement, short for Optical Art. Utilizing geometric shapes and colorful graphics, the artist created compelling illusions of spatial depth, as seen in this work my figure is enjoying in a museum.

If you're interested in purchasing this small study just send me an email to info@gerardboersma.nl or click on the link above.

kind regards, Gerard

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