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my friend Erik riding the train

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
17 3/4" x 23 2/3" or 45 x 60 cm


One day in 2004 I went to visit Amsterdam with my good friend Erik. As I didn't have a car nor a driver license back then we took the train. I believe we went to an opening of one of my shows, but I'm not sure. I remember taking a photograph which I later used as a starting point for this painting.

Later in 2005 Omrop Fryslan aired a short documentary of about 25 minutes about my show in New York. Featured in it was this painting.

A neighbor of my parents ran into my mom and dad the day after and mentioned how much he enjoyed the documentary and my work. He especially liked that painting of a no good bum riding the train.

He meant of course my friend Erik. I don't know what made him think that, but the four day old beard or so might have something to do with it. That no good bum is now the proud owner of this painting.

Still later knowing that my folks didn't subscribe to a particular newspaper another neighbor dropped a newspaper clipping about my work in my parents mailbox. I thought that was so kind. Stuff like that makes me really miss my old hometown Makkum.

kind regards, Gerard

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