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The Problem We All Live With- Commissioned Portrait Of Cori And Maia Enjoying Painting By Norman Rockwell

The Problem We All Live With
commissioned portrait of Cori and Maia enjoying painting by Norman Rockwell

G. Boersma
acrylic on masonite
35 1/2" x 27 2/3" or 90 x 70 cm


In the home of my collector Chuck from San Diego hangs a print of Norman Rockwell's 'The Problem We All Live With' .

It is considered an iconic image of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States as it depicts a little girl escorted to school by four U.S. marshals.

This is a much discussed piece at Chuck's household, especially by his daughter Maia and grand-daughter Cori. So much so that Chuck asked me to paint both of them in front of this great painting by Rockwell.

It was true pleasure to paint and I especially love that Cori and Maia are holding hands. This little gesture adds so much to this painting. The portrait of Cori and Maia was a Christmas gift and as Chuck told me it was the hit of the holidays. Everybody loved it and to hear that just makes me feel so blessed!

kind regards, Gerard

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