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Jim, Jim, Jim and Me

Jim, Jim, Jim and Me
the painting shows me looking at portraits of Jim

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
45 1/4" x 30" or 115 x 76 cm


When Jim, a collector and friend from Florida, first saw my Me, Me, Me painting he loved it. He purchased it for his own collection, but Fedex messed things up badly.

They totally ruined the painting during transport. There was a huge rip from left to right and many other smaller damages as well. I think they ran through it with a fork lift or something. This started a four month battle to get my insurance which I finally won just last week.

In the meantime Jim still didn't have a painting. We agreed upon me making another version of the painting, but instead of looking at my own portraits I now look at multiple portraits of Jim.

Luckily this time around and with a different shipper the painting arrived safe and sound. Jim loved the painting! I'm so happy things turned out okay after all and I'd like to thank Jim again for all his patience and support!

kind regards, Gerard

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