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McDonalds Sign- Painting Causing Quite A Stir

McDonald's Sign
Near Joure, Harlingen, Heerenveen, Goutum or where ever

still life landscape painting of McDonald's Sign

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
15" x 15" or 38 x 38 cm


This painting caused quite a stir already.

I created it for the upcoming groupshow about Frisian landscapes at Tresoar in my hometown Leeuwarden. It gave my art dealer quite a shock when I showed it to her. So much indeed that she's considering not showing it.

You see, all the other artists like Jan Mankes, Jopie Huisman, Gerrit Benner to name a few all show traditional landscape paintings. Compared to those works, mine's the ugly duckling of course.

But when I look at the Frisian landscape I see signs like this as well. Unlike other artists I thought it would make a wonderful motif for a painting. It might not be romantic, but it's there alright.

My art dealer wasn't convinced. Then I pulled out the big gun. I said to my art dealer: 'When art moves you, it's great art.' It was clear my work made her feel something, just not what she expected to. 'That's right,' she said.

Still I'm not sure if she wants to show this painting or not. We'll wait and see. The show opens with or without my work this saturday at 15.00h. You're cordially invited!

kind regards, Gerard