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Art Within Art- Picasso

man admiring works by Picasso, New York

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
6" x 6" or 15 x 15 cm

It has been quite a week since I made my portrait of Geert Wilders with Muslims public. My head was spinning with all the attention, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you again for all your kind words and compliments, I really appreciate that!

In the midst of all the attention I did find some painting time and I finished a larger piece for my upcoming show with my late greatuncle Jopie Huisman. This show is really very special to me.

I will post the painting I did and all details about the show soon on my brand new blog Hyperrealism Paintings. On this blog I will share my thoughts on art and life and only post larger scaled paintings from past and present with personal commentaries. It would be great if you could join me there as well!

Speaking of blogs, I finally managed to incorporate my blogs to my website. That way everything is put under one umbrella, so you can easily navigate my blogs and website. I heard some of you see this text as a Times font, it should be the same font I use on my website. Bare with as I'm trying to fix that bug.

Right now I'm back to my daily painting routine as usual and I sure hope you enjoy todays painting of a man admiring works of art by Picasso!

kind regards, Gerard