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Anker En Anker

Anker en Anker

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
28.3" x 35.9" or 72 x 91,3 cm

Finally no shoes:) Remember a while ago I talked about a painting that featured some well known models from the Netherlands? Well, I have been working on it for over a month, but this is it: my painting of Anker and Anker.

Anker and Anker are twin brothers and both are attorneys at their own lawfirm. They handle some of the most famous lawsuits in this country and appear regularly in the mainstrain media. A two hour documentary about the brothers recently aired on national tv for example.

I asked Anker and Anker a while ago if they wanted to model for me and I was thrilled to learn when they agreed to do so. Last week I showed the painting to them. I got up early in the morning, packaged the painting carefully and headed over to their headquarters. A nice note to add is that their firm is located in a 16th century building were the first wife of Rembrandt was born.

And here I was, a 21st painter with a painting of the new owners, quite exciting I can tell you. I always get a bit nervous before showing a portrait to the sitters. Last minutes doubt creep in about the likeness and many other things. But there was no need to worry: both brothers absolutely loved it! They loved the light, all the details and they even said that one could actually see the difference between the two of them, a great compliment when you're painting twins!

Currently the painting hangs in their firm, but it just might go on public view in the not so distant future. Sure hope you enjoy this one!

kind regards, Gerard

ps I am returning to my beloved dailies so from now on you can expect regular updates once again!