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Conqueror - couple looking at Nazis by Piotr Uklansky at Rubell Family Collection

Conqueror is the last painting of 2009 and the second one situated at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami. On the painting you see a couple in a warm embrace looking at The Nazis by Piotr Uklansky (1998).

The piece comprises 166 film stills and poster images culled from American and European postwar cinema, each picture showing the head and shoulders of an actor playing a Nazi. Although the piece provoked passionate and by times violent responses, fact is that its just a collection of actors portraying a Nazi in a movie. Judging by the responses it seems that people tend to believe in the reality of the representation.

I'm not sure what goes through the minds of my figures, but I do know that no matter what horror an ideology might bring it can never kill the love people have for one another. By placing my figures in a warm embrace I tried to show here that love is the true conqueror.

Conqueror and other paintings from my series about the Rubell Family Collection can be seen next week at the LA Art Show in Los Angeles from 20-24.

kind regards, Gerard

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
17.3" x 14.4" or 44 x 36,5 cm

Detail Conqueror

Painting those little portraits of all those Nazis took me quite some time. The portraits aren't any larger than about 1" x 1.5". I did about 10 or so a day. My painting doesn't show all the Nazis in Uklansky's work, but still shows over 100 portraits.

Larger sized image