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Subway Platform - Painting in progress

Yesterday after completing Hot Dog Vendor I started to work on a larger scaled painting of Subway Platform on a masonite panel 0f 51,8 x 44 cm (20.4" x 17.3"). I continued working on it today and I thought it might be a good idea to show you the progress and a glimpse on how I work.

Subway Platform - painting in progress

I always start with a drawing directly done on the panel, getting everything in place and getting the proportions straight. I use a normal pencil for this. After the drawing is complete I erase superfluous lines and start blocking in basic color. Usually I begin with black (mixed myself), then adding other colors in no particular order. You'll notice that this first layer of paint is still very transparant. I'll keep on adding layers untill a solid underground is reached. With strong colors like yellow and red at least 5 or 6 layers are needed. I then begin blending the colors untill the effect I want starts appearing. Usually starting in the upper part of the painting. By lunch the painting looks something like the picture on the above right.

Started to work on the portrait and contnued adding layers

While blending the colors I use several brushes at the same time, each one has it's own color. I mix the colors on my palette (an old lid of a bucket of latex paint) or directly on the painting itself. I often wind up using my fingers for blending as well. As you can see I mainly focused on the train today and didn't worry much about the portrait of the man untill later this afternoon. At this point I consider nothing finished yet, but for now it will do. Tomorrow I will continue working on Subway Platform, focussing on the tiles and floor. Hope to see you then!

kind regards, Gerard