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Subway Platform - Painting in progress part 2

Subway Platform - a painting in progress

Part 2 of the subway painting in progress. The painting is coming along just great! Compared to yesterday a lot of things have changed today. I concentrated mostly on the lower part of the painting, worked a couple of hours on the tiles as well as the part between the tiles and the train. That part looks quite easy, but believe me it's not. The browns, reds and blacks are so close in color, that it becomes quite a drag to get it right. I'm still not satisfied with it. Apart from the lower part I also continued working on the upper part. The train got some extra layers of paint and certain parts have more light in it now. The window right still needs to be worked on. Ah well, I continue working on it next week!

Today an article about me appeared on New York City Mag, highlighting a couple of my paintings from my New York-series, including the smaller version of Subway Platform and my painting of Ground Zero, The Attraction. You can read the article here. The article is written in French! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

kind regards, Gerard