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Video: Gerard Boersma- The Auction

New Video: The Auction

Second video clip me and Jasper Noordermeer made just last week. This time around my painting The Auction is the center of attention. Again you hear me speak Dutch, but the clip has English subtitles too. Nice note to add, I wear the same sweater as I did on my painting Me, Me, Me!

I'm really having fun making these little vids. I feel like a reporter must feel when presenting the news on location. Can't wait to make the next one! Not sure when that will be, but we're working on it. More video clips can be found on my Youtube Channel.

I'm still working on my commissioned paintings too. One is almost completed, but still needs a couple of days work. Of course my collector is the first one to see it once it's completely finished, I'll then post it here for all to see. In the meantime, I sure hope you enjoy me video clip The Auction!

kind regards, Gerard