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Beauty Is A Choice

Sportschool (Dutch for Gym)
man working out in gym

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
6" x 6" or 15 x 15 cm

Beauty is a choice. It used to be a gift bestowed upon a lucky few, but through the aid of modern cosmetic surgery we can now transform our bodies and facial features to our own liking.

Remember when cosmetic surgery was something people almost always denied having done? Michael Jackson did so, but we all knew he had multiple operations and yes, we made fun of it.

But slowly but surely cosmetic surgery is shifting from something we gossip about to something one should be proud of. A new tool for self-improvement, an achievement.

If looking good has become a choice, then staying ugly is one too. I fear the time when people say to each other:'Look at that poor ol' thing, his nose is so crooked and his lips could use a little improvement too. I cannot understand why he hasn't done something about it.' The answer just might be:'Well, I think he's poor and his medical care probably doesn't cover it. Such a shame!'

If this all sound a little too far out, you might be right. Cosmetic surgery still has its limits. It cannot transform you into a giant overnight, but having surgery has become more and more commonplace. It has been accepted.

And if you have the means and what you want is within its limits, well, then it's no different from dying your hair or getting your nails done. It's a choice. At least the figure on my painting is doing it old school: trying to loose weight by actually working out. That's a choice too.

kind regards, Gerard