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The Thinker- Painting Of Boy Reading In Bookstore

The Thinker
If you're interested in purchasing this painting, please email me for more information and price.

G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
41.3" x 54.6" or 104,8 x 138,7 cm


It took my quite some time, but I finally completed my largest painting up to now. The measurements are a whooping 41.3 x 54.6" or 104,7 x 138,7 cm. The painting shows a boy reading in a bookstore. Books are everywhere. I'm guessing there are at least 500 of them on the painting, I didn't really want to count them all. But by any means feel free to do so and prove me wrong or right:)

When you look at children you're basically looking at the future. I always hear a lot of people complaining about the youth, sometimes that's justified, but I feel the boy on my painting is a fine example of how the youth can be as well. Here's a boy surrounded by books, sitting down and just starts reading. Like most children he probably has a lively imagination and a healthy curiousity about what the future has in store for him.

I always like this about the youth, they're full of live and usually are very enthousiastic about even the smallest things. I just hope he can keep up this positive attitude towards the world and that nobody puts this fire out. Lets hope that the fire-distinquisher on the far right will never be used.

The Thinker Detail

From tomorrow onwards I will pick up my daily paintings again, starting with a special series!

kind regards, Gerard