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Royal Prize for Painters

one of the paintings for the Royal Prize for Painters, painting is sold

Today I went to Amsterdam delivering 2 paintings at auctionhouse Sotheby's for the second round of the Royal Prize for Painters, a very prestigious award our Queen Beatrix gives away each year to a promising young artist. If I make it through this round I can show my work at her palace in Amsterdam and actually meet the queen personally as well.

When I drove away this morning the weather was extremely bad, it poored and poored like it hadn't done for weeks. Of course I took a couple of bad exits and had to walk about a mile or so in the rain with a painting under each arm. However, as soon as I delivered my work and walked out the clouds broke open and the sun started to shine again. I hope the sun will shine again this wednesday afternoon when I'm hearing whether I made it through this round or not, very exciting!

kind regards, Gerard