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Oddment - The Arrow

I’ve got something special for you today! ‘The Arrow’ is my second oddment for this blog and unlike ‘The Avero Tower’ this one doesn’t differ in subject manner but in size. The painting is exactly the size as you see it here, 9,7 x 7,4 cm (3.8” x 2.9”). It’s a real thrill to paint something that small and I love how the arrow points to something we cannot see. This and the lighting give the painting a special atmosphere, don’t you think?

Yesterday the Leeuwarder Courant ran a large article on me and my blog, which I will post soon. I have to translate it you know. I also want to thank everybody who are bidding on my recent paintings. It’s greatly appreciated!

The Arrow
G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
3.8" x 2.9", 9,7 x 7,4 cm