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Tax rise and Happy New Year

This last day of 2010 is one filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand I'm happy, I'm close to completing my larger sized painting, an extremely complicated piece which potentially can stir up things a bit. I got a couple of great shows coming up as well and I can't wait to get started on my daily paintings again. As a matter of fact, my new year's resolution is to make one each day again like I used to do. All good things!

But on the other hand I'm saddened by the fact that our government here in The Netherlands decided to go through with the tax-rise for arts and culture. I just heard they had an emergency meeting this week. Taxes for visual arts will rise from 6% to a staggering 19% starting tomorrow! Can you believe that? Not only is this an outrageous high tax-rise, but our government gave us about 3 days to prepare ourselves for this!

Taxes for performing artists won't rise untill july 2011. This too amazes me, why make a difference between performing artists and visual artists? That's sure doesn't strike me as fair. Well, the whole tax-rise doesn't strike me as fair.

Fair or not, taxes will rise tomorrow. After giving it much thought I decided not to let my beloved collectors take all the heat, meaning I will not raise prices for my daily paintings, but I'm afraid I have to for my larger scaled paintings. This means my income level probably will drop a bit. Of course I'm not pleased with this to say the least, but it's the best solution I can come up with for my collectors.

To end on a positive note: I completely changed my packaging for my daily paintings. They now come in a luxurious white gift box filled with 2 layers of foam. A certificate of authenticity and a free digital book on cd are included as well.
Sarah Bowie, a collector of my work, recently quoted me in her article about
'Brown as color mix'. A nice read on this last day of 2010!

I wish you all a happy new year and make sure to have some fun tonight! Be safe and I will see you again this monday!

kind regards, Gerard