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Artbook about me and my art published by d'Jonge Hond

I've got some really good news! Publisher d'Jonge Hond is about to publish a series of books about a select few contemporary artists later this year and I'm one of the artists! D'Jonge Hond is well known in the Netherlands for their books on art and graphic design.

It will be the first time a book solely dedicated to me and my paintings will hit the stores. It's still a bit foggy to me how and when it will see the day of light or what the book eventually will look like, all I know for now that its going to have a hard cover, background texts and of course loads of images.

Right now I'm in the middle of selecting paintings for the book. I knew I painted a lot, but boy I'm having a hard time picking my best works. I sure could use a hand in this. If you have any favourite paintings which you defenitely would like to see included in the book let me know!