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Minister Maxime Verhaegen presents Hillary Clinton book Famous Frisians in America

Our minister of foreign affairs Maxime Verhaegen recently presented Hillary Clinton a copy of the book Famous Frisians in America by editor Peter de Haan and others. Mrs. Clinton wrote a thank you note to mr. De Haan saying how much she enjoyed the gift. Hopefully she also notices the only painter in the book, that's me in case you were wondering:)

Famous Frisians in America is available in English as well as in Dutch at Amazon.com.

kind regards, Gerard

The Attraction is one of my paintings in the book Famous Frisians in America. It shows ground zero only a couple of years after 9/11. I was stunned how people turned it into a tourist attraction, people were smiling and taking pictures. On my painting you see a couple making a movie for friends back home. It's hard to see on the image, but the dark spot above shows the names of people killed during the attacks. It hangs as a dark cloud above my figures.

The Attraction
G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
31.5" x 23.6" or 80 x 60 cm