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American Bookstore

What a weekend it has been! Last friday my one man show opened at Galerie van den Berg. There was a nice crowd and I enjoyed talking to everybody. The art really looks good hanging on the walls and I got many good responses from everybody. I would like to thank you all for your kind words! After the opening I went to another party some friends of mine were throwing to celebrate, It was very late before I went home, I can tell you that.

I keep it in the bookstores with todays painting. Edward Hopper once said that is quite difficult to paint indoors and outdoors at the same time. While painting this one I found out that he's right, but it isn't impossible. The painting is situated at the American Bookstore at De Spui in Amsterdam.

kind regards, Gerard Boersma

American Bookstore
G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
8.7" x 9.9", 22 x 25,2 cm


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