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Leeuwarder Courant Christmas Special

The Leeuwarder Courant has asked me to paint the cover for their annual christmas special! For those who have never heard of the Leeuwarder Courant, it's the largest newspaper in my region with more than 100.000 readers. As you can imagine I'm very honored that they have asked me.

The theme for their christmas special will be 'Exception' and it's also the theme for my painting. Other than that I'm totally free to paint what I like. As an exception (pun intended..) the Leeuwarder Courant also offers a limited number of giclées of the painting. This is a very high quality fine art print, in this case on paper. The giclées will be numbered and signed. I'm very excited about this and cannot wait to get started!

Tomorrow I will post a new blog painting!

kind regards, Gerard Boersma