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Omrop Fryslan

This week you can hear me on radio Omrop Fryslan everyday ! The host of the show Noarderwyn is trying to win my painting 'The Shell'. He will call me everyday between 14.00 and 15.00h. to give me his latest motivation and to place his bid.

This friday I'll come to their studio to announce the winner of my special birthday action. The exact time isn't sure, but I think it will be somewhere between 14.00 and 15.00h. The announcement is a little bit earlier than expected, off course I announce it on my site too on saturday as planned. You can enter my contest to win the painting 'The Shell' untill friday 12.00h local time. For contest details please visit my blog!

If you aren't able to listen to the show you can allways check out their website. Just click on radio and then to the program Noarderwyn. It's in Dutch only!



Besides Omrop Fryslan I can also be heared on radio Mercurius today at 12.40h. I will be their special guest in the studio and I will be interviewed about my birthday action. The show is a local one, so you can only hear it when you near my hometown Leeuwarden.

So it's a lot of radio this week! Tune in and make sure you enter my contest! My blog will start this saturday!

kind regards, Gerard Boersma