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I'm treating you to one candy!

My blog will start soon, I'm making the neccessary preparations as we speak, but for starters I have this special action.

Recently I celebrated my 31st birthday and I decided to treat you to one candy! The candy is my painting ‘The Shell’ and you can be the proud owner of this new painting for a price you yourself come up with! The painting is attached to this message.

‘The Shell’ goes for 1000,- euro (± $ 1350,-) on my site, but it doesn’t matter how high, low or crazy your bid is. Everything goes! Whether you want the painting for 3,21 or 1867,- euro doesn’t matter, the painting can be yours for either amount!

All you have to do is tell me why ‘The Shell’ should be hanging on your wall. Our expert jury, existing of me, myself and I, will give the painting to the entry with the most creative, original or personal motivation.

For writing your motivation you can use as many words as you need to. Send your motivation and your price mentioning ‘The Shell’ before 21 september 2007 to:

Gerard Boersma
Insulindestraat 164
8921 KC Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

or email it to:


You can send as many motivations as you like and of course you can tell your friends and family about it too. The results will be announced on 22 september on


I'm looking forward receiving your motivations!

Gerard Boersma

The Shell
G. Boersma
acrylics on masonite
25,2 x 24 cm, 10" x 9"

larger sized image:

The Shell